Latest Products Latest Products Thu, 29 Sep 2022 06:31:05 +0530 en-us Kids Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Ram Enterprise based in Rajkot, Gujarat provides customers and clients with the best products at an affordable price. We are known all around the country for the type and varieties of products that we supply to our customers. We are the best kids accessories supplier Rajkot. With time we have to build a huge infrastructure which is equipped with modern machines and latest equipment that we use to manufacture our products. We have the best staff members and with their hard work and dedication, we can provide our customers with the best quality products at an affordable price. We have a wide range of kids accessories which they would love. We have kids goggles, watches and much more. Manufactured using outstanding quality materials, our products are high praise for their matchless and other pivotal characteristics. By giving the utmost emphasis over the products excellence, we have been able to make the imperfection free shipment of variety at our customer's place. Our declaration offering the products within the dedicated time and maintaining transparency in business practices have enabled users to place our name in the list of topmost organisations of the industry. Why Choose Kids Accessories From Us? The position of our company and our capability to serve are the two main reasons for you to choose us and our products. Along with that, there are plenty of other reasons as well which makes us the best choice. Versatility We have a wide range of kids accessories for our customers to choose from. All these products are made with the best quality raw materials, amazing colours, trendy designs and styles and are loved and appreciated all around the country. We always make sure that the kids are happy to see our products. Long-Lasting All our products are manufactured under the supervision of our experts and professionals. They ensure that the products are assembled in the best way and are durable and long-lasting. Our products are worth your pay and also your kids will love to have them. Superior Quality As mentioned earlier, our products are made with quality materials and latest machines. From the process of manufacturing till dispatch, our products are quality tested at every stage to provide our customers with products that are safe for use and superior in quality. Therefore choose us and get our products today. Ladies Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 When it comes to fashion, the first thing which is significant for the whole look is the accessories. This can make or break your all over appearance. Jewellery, goggles, watches etc. play a very important role to add the wow factor in your look. If you also wish to create your impression as the most fashionable person between your friends, then you must take care while choosing your accessories. Ram Enterprise is one of the best ladies accessories manufacturer in Gujarat. We have accessories that are trendy and stylish and will meet your style. With our accessories, you can experiment with your looks. All our products are unique and amazing. But always make sure that you choose the right products for your use. Following are some of the points which will help you to choose the right fashion accessory for yourself or your loved ones from our company. Colour The first thing that is very important while choosing a ladies fashion accessory is the colour. This is enough to add magnificence in your overall look. When you choose to style accessories with your outfit, always keep in mind that you shouldn’t choose the same colour for both. For instance, if you are wearing something in red, white or black then choose some other colour for your accessory. Learn the primary and secondary colours. This will work great and will help you to impress others. In our company, we have products available in different colours and types for our customers to choose from. Style All is about the style and you must learn the art of styling. You can give a dynamic look to a simple black dress if you choose the right accessories with it. So always make sure that you wear the right accessories according to your taste and your outfit. It entirely depends on the way you want to look. If you want to look classy choose something in gold or other such colours. We also manufacture products that give you funky and carefree looks. Follow these two basic but magical fundamentals to choose the best accessory from our company. If you are still puzzled and want to learn more about our products and services call us and speak to our executives. We are always there to help and guide you and suggest the best accessories that suit your personality. Mens Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 A man who wants to look elegant and stylish has to take the process of choosing the right outfit and accessories seriously. Ideally, a man should not attract too much attention by choosing an intricate pattern or bright colours. A classic man must follow a certain style, where small details will reflect his personality and individuality. Our company, Ram Enterprise truly understand the style of a true man. This is the reason why we manufacture and supply our customers with the best men's accessories. We have tastefully selected the designs and have manufactured products which can create a positive impression on people and compliments your outfit for all kinds of occasions. We provide our customers with a lot of options to choose from. Nowadays men's fashion does not fall behind women. No male look can be completed without any accessories. Why Choose Products From Us? We Believe In Simplicity Women can afford to wear something unusual and blizzard, while men should know their limits. It is always better that you start something classic and Iconic. Once you feel confident and comfortable enough, then you move to the more bold experiments. We have simple yet elegant products for our customers. We believe that simplicity is the key. Wearing our accessories you can complete your look and stay classy. Products In Various Sizes Accessories look good when they fit you in the right way. We have accessories available in different sizes. Choose the one that suits you and your requirements and order without waiting any longer. Appropriateness Can someone wear the same accessory for the very occasion? Maybe not. Your look needs to be perfect and appropriate to the place and time. For example, discreet and simple accessories are the best for formal meetings. If you want to wear something exquisite, save it for the casual festive events or party. We have products that are appropriate for all kinds of occasions and events. You will look fashionable and stylish and people will be attracted to you. Being the best Men's accessories supplier Rajkot, we ensure that our products meet the needs of our customers and are quality assured. We always use the right material for the manufacturing process and test all our products before dispatch. Wheat Seeds Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Are you looking for the best wheat seeds suppliers Gujarat? Ram Enterprise has got your back. We have the best wheat seeds for our customers. We manufacture and supply our products to customers all around the globe. We ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied with our products and customer services. The wheat seeds that we supply to our customers and clients have amazing health benefits. Some of which are as follows: Controls Obesity The wheat seeds that we manufacture and supply to our customers have the natural ability to control weight but this about is more pronounced among the women. Women who consume whole grain products that are made wheat seeds and other ingredients, over long periods who more weight loss than others. Also, in some studies and researches, it is found that the wheat seeds rather than its refined form is a good choice for the patients who suffer from obesity. Gives You Energy Often the whole seeds that we supply are used to produce different products including the whole grain products in many companies. Our wheat seeds are rich in vitamin B which helps you to get energy, increases your performance and brain health. This also has a complex carbohydrate which keeps you feeling full longer and gives you energy for a longer time. Prevents Metabolic Disorders Whole grains like wheat seeds are immensely effective in patients who suffer from metabolic disorders. Some common types of problems that people face age visceral obesity which is also known as the pear-shaped body, low levels of the protective HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood pressure. Intake of the whole grain products will protect you from these conditions. Prevents The Type 2 Diabetes Wheat seeds of our company are rich in magnesium. This act like a co-factor for more than 300 enzymes. These enzymes are involved in the functional use of insulin in the body and also glucose secretion. According to a recent study, intake of whole grains like wheat seeds will prevent the risk of having type 2 diabetes. Contact us today and get our products and services today. We are the best company for getting wheat seeds in India. Black Chana Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Chickpea or black chana is packed with the goodness of protein and iron which is beneficial for your overall health. But make sure that you choose to get the black chana from a reliable source like Ram Enterprise. Our company is the best black chana manufactured Rajkot. Black chana is the staple in Indian kitchens. To meet the rising demand for this product in the market we supply the best quality products to our customers and clients. We manufacture these products in our company without the use of any chemical pesticide or fertilizer. Our products are pure and chemical-free. Healthy and delicious black chana of our company are used to make amazing dishes which people truly enjoy. These are usually served as a main course. Black chana can also be consumed in the morning. You can consume black chana without cooking properly as well. Soak this overnight and in the morning these will become tender. Consuming these every morning will be beneficial for your overall health in different ways. Benefits Of Having Black Chana Great Source Of Iron And Protein For vegetarians, black chana is the best thing to choose. This is a great source of protein. Consuming black Ghana is a great way to fuel your body with protein. Also, you must add black chana to your diet if you are suffering from anaemia. This is rich in iron and it helps in improving the level of haemoglobin in the body. Improves Your Digestion The black chana that we supply to our customers is rich in fibre which helps in improving the digestive system. It flushes out all the harmful toxins from your body and keeps your digestive tract healthy. Eating black chana will keep away your digestive issues like indigestion and constipation. Keeps Your Heart Healthy Black chana has a lot of antioxidants and phytonutrients which keeps your blood vessels healthy. These also have necessary minerals which prevent the formation of blood clots. Helps In Weight Loss Chickpeas or black chana is packed with antioxidants. This has fibre which keeps you full for longer and also prevents from bingeing on unhealthy snacks. Without waiting any longer, call us and get our products. We take order in bulk and deliver products always on time. Kids Goggles Kids Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Kids Watches Kids Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Do you want to surprise your kid with an amazing watch? Speak to us as we have got what you are looking for. Ram Enterprise is the best kids watches supplier Gujarat. We manufacture our products with the use of good quality materials and the latest equipment and tools. We have appointed the best employees and professionals in our company. Under their supervision, we manufacture our products and ensure that it meets the needs of our customers and clients. The kids watch that we provide to our customers are a great gift. This will make your child happy. Along with that, there are plenty of benefits of choosing our products. Some are as follows: Great Designs And Style We design and manufacture the kids watches according to the latest trends. Appearance is all that matters and you would certainly love to see your kids all dressed up in trendy clothes and accessories. Our watches will suit all their outfits and will make them look good. The amazing styles and designs will attract everyone and you will be the favourite parent of your kid. Surprise your kids on their birthday or upcoming occasions with our watches. Durable And Long-Lasting The watches that we manufacture and supply to our customers are made with materials that make it durable and long-lasting. We use recent technologies to assemble our products. Kids often leave a scratch or drop the watch while playing or doing any other work. We have made these in such a way that it doesn’t get damaged even if it falls for a couple of times. These are scratch-resistant and you kid can wear it carefree. Amazing Colours We have a wide range of products which are available in different colours for you to choose from. Include your kids while selecting the watches for them to wear. Order our products today and get it delivered at your doorstep without any delay. We promise to deliver your orders safe and secured and in a limited period. For more details call us and get answers to your questions. We have executives who are ready to help and guide you and provide the best solutions to your problems. Ladies Goggles Ladies Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Ladies Watches Ladies Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The fashion of wristwatches never goes out of trend. Wristwatches are the best thing to compliment all your looks whether you are going for a formal event or a casual event. Choose the best ladies watches from Ram Enterprise. We are the best ladies watches supplier Gujarat. The watches that we manufacture and supply to our customers have amazing benefits. Some of which are as follows. Accountability The whole essence of a watch is to function and tell you time. There are still fields where wearing a watch and time plays a very important role. Airlines stewardess, pilot, businesswomen and man, military men, stockbrokers, and several other professions and professionals wear a watch. We understand the needs of the watch and therefore have introduced a unique range of watches for women. These are designed by the best designers of our country. Therefore, if time is an important function of your life, then choose our watches. This is something that you will surely need to keep you accountable. Convenience Many of you say that wearing a watch is redundant. Some people believe that they do not need a watch if they have a smartphone in their pocket. But when you wear a watch and someone asks you the time, with a simple flip you can tell the time. One doesn’t have to dig into their pocket to get the phone. Just turn your first over and you know the time. The watch can also attract people and complete your overall look. You will surely love the designs and styles that we have brought in. Choose the one that suits your taste and wear it with confidence. Lesser Distractions Wearing a beautiful watch and knowing the right tone is just that, nothing more or less. When you grab your smartphone to check the time, you may end up checking the latest updates on your social media accounts, play games or take photos. This makes you distracted. Whereas having a simple watch is just for the functions it provides. Have lesser distraction and know the exact time in style while you are at work. Choose our durable, long-lasting and stylish watches today. Order online and get it delivered at your location without any delay. Mens Goggles Mens Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Mens Leather Belts Mens Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Belts are the great addition to the men's outfit and it can make your look more stylish. These are easy to go accessory and add to your style and trend of the time. They help in keeping a distinction between the lower and upper halves of the body and helps to hold uptight, the jeans, pants and trousers. Ram Enterprise is a popular mens leather belt manufacturers Gujarat. We supply our products all around the country and have listed them at an affordable price for our customers and clients. We have belts available in impressive designs and styles. The leather belts of our company help in setting up a fashion statement along with the comfort and ease that they provide. These are an important part of your formal men's wear as well. Therefore, all one needs is to choose the right belt and wear it with your pants or jeans. Our leather belts are highly preferred because they are resistant, durable and it doesn’t stretch. Some people match their belts with the outfits that they wear. We have belts that are of amazing designs and styles and matches all your outfits quite brilliantly. We also manufacture our belts in different sizes so that our customers get what they are looking for in their size. We provide you with products that have amazing features. Some are: Durability The leather belts of our company are attractive and stylish. The biggest advantage of choosing our products is that these are of high quality and has amazing durability. These are highly resultant and lasts for years. Our leather belts have more shelf life than other belts available in the market. Style The leather belts of our company are the marker of a style icon. These make you look classy and elegant and updated with the fashion trend. The style of the leather belts that we supply never fades away. By choosing the right below size, you can grace any outfit you want. Flexibility Another benefit of wearing leather belts is that these are flexible and so make one feel comfortable while wearing them. These are flexible and it doesn’t become stiff or hard even after years. These were some of the benefits of choosing our leather belts. Therefore choose us and get our products. Mens Leather Wallets Mens Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Mens Watches Mens Accessories Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Mens Artificial Rings Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 If you are looking for the best men's artificial rings supplier Gujarat, then you are in the right place. Ram Enterprise is the best company for getting artificial rings for men. We manufacture it in our company with the use of good quality and the latest machines and tools. Despite the big difference in pricing with the other precious material jewellery, our artificial rings look elegant, gorgeous and breathtaking. The fancy and dangling appeal will attract all eyes towards you. There are plenty of advantages of choosing our artificial rings. Some are as follows: Price The primary and first advantage of choosing our artificial rings for men is that the price of our products of relatively low. These types of jewellery are affordable for every budget person. Versatility The artificial rings of our company are so versatile that it can be worn easily at even occlusion or event and at any time. One can wear this with all their outfits without any trouble. And you can buy as many as you want. Variety An unparalleled variety of designs, colours, styles and patterns are available in our company. You can choose the one that you love and order without waiting any longer. Long-Lasting As mentioned earlier, the artificial rings that we provide to our customers are made with quality materials. These materials in turn make the product long-lasting and durable. The finish of our products is also superior. If you are aiming to buy a ring for your special one for important occasions then choose it from our online store. Ordering products from our company is feasible and convenient and you will get it delivered at your doorstep without any problem. Find and look for the best designs and styles that you want and order today to surprise your loved ones on their special occasions. The products of our company are designed by the best designers of our country keeping in mind the latest trends and demands of our customers and clients. We are known throughout the country for our products and the fast delivery services along with 24/7 customer service. For us, our customers and clients are important. Therefore for any queries or questions, you can call us and get our services. Mens Keychains Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Dried Wheat Seeds Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Ram Enterprise is a well-known and popular dried wheat seeds manufacturer Gujarat, India. We are known due to the pure and good quality products that we supply to our customers and clients in different parts of the country. With time we have gained a high clientele throughout the country. Our customers and clients love and appreciate our products. The dried wheat seeds that we manufacture and supply are used in various industries to make different products. For instance, in the food processing industries, the dried wheat seeds are used to make whole grain products or whole wheat flour which is used worldwide for its exceptional health benefits. The dried wheat seeds of our company are grown without any harmful pesticide or chemical fertilization. We follow all natural process to grow our products and then use modern techniques to dry and store our products. There are plenty of health benefits of having dried wheat seeds. Some are: It Prevents Heart Attacks The wheat seeds are rich in enterolactone which is a plant lignan. This helps to prevent heart diseases. According to the studies it is been found that women who eat whole grains have high levels of defensive lignans. Also, the products made with wheat has high dietary fibre which can help reduce your blood pressure levels and the possibility to have heart attacks. A high intake of this grain will reduce triglycerides or fat found in the blood. This also slows the progression of atherosclerosis or stroke. People who suffer from gluten sensitivity should not avoid such products. Following a gluten-free diet can reduce the overall consumption of whole grains and can lead to the risk of having heart diseases. Improves Your Gut Health The dried wheat seeds of our company have a prebiotic effect on the human gut microbiota because of its high level of fibre. This helps feed the good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract which improves your digestion and increase the resistant starch. Better Skin Health In wheat, you will get vitamin E, selenium and zinc which keeps your skin nourished, fights acne and prevents sun damage. Also, it has high fibre content which keeps the digestive system in good condition and removes toxin. We can deliver products in bulk on time. Therefore order our products in your required quantity today. Hybrid Wheat Seeds Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Your search for the best hybrid wheat seeds suppliers Gujrat is now over with us. Our company Ram Enterprise is the best company for ordering hybrid wheat seeds. We have a great range of products in our company including the wheat seeds. We supply our products to different companies in the market where it is used for different purposes and to make different products. Usually, hybrid wheat seeds are used in the production of food products which are highly in demand. The reason behind the whole wheat products is the unlimited health benefits that it provides. Have faith in us and order our products for commercial and other purposes. The whole wheat can increase the energy levels and the vitality in women. It is been found in many studies that whole grain boosted the energy levels of women and prevented weight gain along with some other issues like type 2 diabetes and kept the BMI level low. It also showed that women who consumed more wheat or whole grain products are healthier. Following are some more benefits of choosing our wheat seeds. Prevents Asthma In the International Study on Asthma and Allergy in children, it is proved through several stores that a diet that includes wheat products can reduce the chances of having asthma by 50%. Also, bronchial Hyperresponsiveness is the key factor which encourages asthma. This condition is characterised by narrowing the airways and increased sensitivity. Many surveys also show that children who eat whole grains and fish in high amount do not suffer from such ailments. Therefore choose our products and add them to your diet some way or the other. This will keep you and your children safe from serious ailments. Relives Postmenopausal Symptoms Consuming wheat products at a high level can increase the protein and fibre content in the diets of women with postmenopausal symptoms. This helps in maintaining their weight, balances all your hormones and relives the symptoms of postmenopausal. Liver Detox Hybrid wheat seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants and have high fibre content. This helps to detoxify the liver. The liver is one of the largest internal organs in our body and it is very important to keep it healthy and in good condition. A healthy liver will help remove all toxins from your body. Therefore ad wheat seeds in your diet and have a healthy life. Natural Wheat Seeds Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Ram Enterprise is a reliable and renowned natural wheat seeds manufacturer Gujarat. The products of our company are widely chosen and appreciated in the market for the amazing quality and type. We have a wide range of wheat seeds for our customers to choose from. All our products are quality tested and manufactured using good quality materials and under the inspection of experts and professionals. We deliver our products in bulk in different parts of our country. These are used to make plenty of food products. There are many health benefits of eating food that is made using wheat seeds some are as follows: Fibre The most needed nutrient in our body is fibre. This is important for the human body to a great extend. While it doesn’t supply vitamins, mineral or calories, it is good for our digestive system. Having a high fibre diet will help reduce the risk of heart diseases and will also reduce type 2 diabetes. This also reduces inflammation which associates with certain types of cancer. Wheat also prevents colon cancer. Folic Acid Folic acid has health benefits which can be found in the foods made with our wheat seeds. Folic acid helps in preventing the neural tube birth defects in newborn babies. Folic acid also had been linked to reducing the risk of having Alzheimer's disease and protects the neurons for memory and learning. Minerals And Vitamins Many vitamins and minerals are found in the wheat. These include magnesium, copper, selenium, B-vitamin, phosphorus and folate. All these minerals and vitamins are important for the human body and keep you active and healthy. The whole grain products that are made with the whole kernels of grain and also include bran, germ and endosperm and enriched grain products are made with the endosperm only. These have protein, carbohydrates along with vitamin B. It is also a rich source of unsaturated fat, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Therefore choose products that are made with wheat seeds. We promise to deliver our customers with products that are chemical-free and doesn’t contain any harmful products. We take orders in bulk and always fulfil the requirement of our customers and clients on time. Organic Wheat Seeds Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Dried Black Chana Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Natural Black Chana Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Organic Black Chana Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Pure Black Chana Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530